Let’s shape the world of vision together

For every friend you refer, they'll get 10€ off their first purchase and you’ll get 10€ to spend on your next order

How does the referral program work?


People came recommended by you

How does it work?

Recommend us

If you have already bought at least once in any of our stores: you already have an account with us. Recommend us to your friends, family or colleagues.

Accumulate credit

Each person who comes to one of our stores recommended by you will receive a 10€ discount and you will receive a cumulative €10 discount when making your first purchase.

Redeem your prize

You can redeem your accumulated credit at any Project Lobster store by purchasing a new order. Together we will ensure that there are more and more people with vision.

Do you have any questions?

How do I use my credit?

You can spend your accumulated credit at your nearest Project Lobster store. You will only need to identify yourself as a customer with your name and during the checkout process we will apply the discount automatically.

Can I use it online?

At the moment it is not possible to spend your online credit automatically. But if you write to us at hello@projectlobster.com we can create a discount code manually.

How can I get more credit to accumulate?

We love it when you speak so good of us. For every purchase made by a somebody referred by you, you will get 10€ of credit*.

* What are the purchase conditions to generate new credit?

In order new credit to be generated, you need to refer somebody that makes a purchase that fulfills the following conditions:

  • the total amount of the purchase exceeds 50€
  • it's the first ever purchase of that customer with us
  • they told us that they came recommended by you, and you have already made a purchase with us

How will you know they come recommended by me?

When a person you recommended comes to any of our stores, the only thing they have to do is tell our team that they know you. Our technology will take care of the rest.

What does my friend get when they create new credit for me?

If the referred person fulfills the purchase conditions* of the Referal Program, they will receive a 10€ discount on their order and will become part of our Referal Program. discount on their order and will become part of our Referal Program. In return, you will receive a 10€ discount.

When will I get the discount?

You will receive 10€ credit when somebody recommended by you makes their first in-store purchase fulfilling the defined conditions*. We will send you an email to let you know about your new credit, and you will be able to check your credit online by logging in at my.projectlobster.com, in the "My Credit" section of your account.

Does my credit expire?

Our credit has no expiration date. You can accumulate as much credit without any worries. You can redeem it whenever you want at your nearest Project Lobster store.

Can I refer any person?

Yes, you can refer us to anyone. To your friends, family, followers... Refer us and make more people start to see the world with different eyes. The more people who come to the more credit you will accumulate.

When can I use my credit?

As soon as you receive an email with your accumulated credit you can spend it in any of our stores.

Is there a minimum amount to spend my store credit?

Yes, you can consume your credit with any purchase of 120€ minimum.

Is there a maximum credit limit?

There is no maximum amount of credit you can have at any given point. But you may only generate up to 200€ of credit per year. Any more than that will not be generated, but the referred person you brought us will be able to receive the discount on their first order.